About Shelly


Shelly Kneupper Tucker is a woman with a mission:

To share her love of the ancient arts of storytelling, spinning, and weaving with any audience she can find.

Her goals are to entertain and educate while promoting literacy, tolerance and positive values through the power of story. Shelly loves to entertain, but she also makes her audiences think!

Shelly wears many hats. She is a professional storyteller, a spinner, and a weaver. She “spins yarns” both literally and figuratively. Audiences are always fascinated by that spinning wheel. For the past eighteen years, this sassy redhead has traveled across the Lone Star State and beyond sharing her delightful brand of “yarnspinning.” She combines three almost lost crafts into one dynamic program that is packed with fun.


With her spinning wheel or without, Shelly’s delightful brand of “yarnspinning” can rock the tent with laughter, bring the crowd to tears, cause a group to gasp with surprise, or make them shiver with fear. Stories come alive through Shelly Kneupper Tucker’s vivid imagination. She paints pictures with words.
Shelly’s storytelling work has been recognized by the Texas Commission on the Arts. She has been listed on the Texas Touring Artist Roster since 1997. Partial funding (for qualified groups) is available through this entity.

And, yes. The National Endowment of the Arts declared Shelly Kneupper Tucker an “American Masterpiece.”

Contact Shelly for a booking today! Or, call 817/996-9775.