Tales With A Twist

THIS is the program with the spinning wheel.


Don’t expect dry, dull history with this program. Shelly’s sense of humor makes this program a treat for ANY age group!

She combines the ancient arts of spinning, weaving and storytelling in a program spiced with historical fact, science information and bits of folklore from many cultures. It’s a unique whole language experience.


During a forty-five minute session with the students, Shelly demonstrates the entire process of making cloth, preparing and carding fibers, spinning the thread, and weaving thread into fabric. She shows them how to “take hair and make something to wear.” Her display includes fibers, dyes, and tools that were used in this process. Keep in mind that this is the work that children did in centuries past. Today, parents are lucky to get those kids to clean their rooms!

After the demonstration, Shelly spins “a yarn.” The story might be a folk tale, fairy tale, or a contemporary story. During the program, there are opportunities for the perceptive educator to find ideas to incorporate into classroom studies.
Shelly tailors the program to the age group. Smaller children can’t always assimilate all the information, so they get more story. With each grade level, Shelly ties the information to the curriculum. The students learn without even knowing that it’s happening.

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4 Forty-five Minute Sessions
geared to the age group:
From $550.00

5 Forty-five Minute Sessions
geared to the age group:
From $625.00

A One Hour Session for small groups:
From $200.00
Payment is expected on the date of service.